Paragard IUD


Hello ladies. I have had the paragard IUD since end of may, I had my period soon there after, around beginning of June. After a week of the period ending I started to have constant discharge, which wasn’t heavy but still there daily. It has been brown for the most time since but at times it is bright red, but rare for it to be red. I missed my period for the month of July which I thought was weird because from what everything I read online it said that paragard actually made you bleed more and the periods more painful. I just had the constant discharge which still is present till this day. Today I had a lot more discharge (Brown) but it was more liquid than anything I’ve experienced the past almost 2 months. I usually get mini clots with the brown discharge but I got none it was pure brown. Now I’ve showered and started getting a lot of cramps, there is small bright red blood again mixed with the brown which I know usually means old blood. I took a pregnancy test about 2 weeks ago when my period didn’t come and it was negative. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone with paragard has had similar experiences with the brown constant discharge for over a month or missed a period on it?

Or any experiences really with the iud are welcomed.