Finally home ♥️

Jaime • Mommy to two beautiful baby boys and three angels and one more little bundle on the way ♥️💕♥️

Well this morning we started having contractions. Extremely consistent, and painful contractions. After three separate medications to stop the contractions and then steroid shots for his lungs and my mekena shot we finally got them to stop. My baby was convinced to stay also my cervix is shorting a bit. They are going to start monitoring everything very closely. But for now I’ll be taking my meds every 6 hours and my weekly shots to hopefully keep this little boy in as long as we possibly can. But now I’m home with my other two beautiful little boys and enjoying my time and cuddles with them. ♥️♥️

Update: we were back at again today. Consistently contracting every two minutes very painful. Finally got them stopped but this has become all To real. My cervix is shortening, baby is head down and as long as the contractions stay away we might be okay. They started me on ProCardia every 6 hours on the dot and MBR. We go back in on Monday for a U/s to check my cervix. My heart feels a tad broken knowing that we have started this long journey. But I have a mission to keep this baby in until 34 weeks and I will do whatever it takes 💙💙