Story time on how my little princess is trying to come out !


So I’m 34 weeks exact ! I was having contractions for about a week and on Friday I went in to be examined and I was 1 cm dilated . Over the weekend I kept contracting and today early morning they where unbearable . So I came in and I was at 2 cm and still contracting . They decided to monitor me and my contractions became closer in time and I kept dilating , im at 4cm right now as I type I’m in bed hooked up being watched for pre- term labor . So they decided to give me steroid shots . I’m ok like whatever needs to be done right ! But I got shocked when she came with needle saying which butt cheek . First of all I’m here thinking it goes in IV I had no idea it goes in butt. That shit hurt , I’m not gonna lie it hurt me I felt my butt cheek heat up and all ! So now I’m just sitting here still having minor contractions and seeing what route my baby girl what’s to take 👍🏼 hopefully she holds off and waits till shes full term !

If any ladies had a 34 weeker I would love to hear how your babys did after ?

Even though NICU came in to talk to me. I still would like to hear actual stories. I know their trying to keep me calm at the moment but I need to know what are things that can happen ...