Possibly pregnant


I'm 18 years old and I am sexually active, my partner and I have used contraception each time and we always check for tears or rips in the condom after sex. This morning i noticed that my stomach above my uterus was firmer and a line of hair above my belly button to my pubic area was growing. I did purchase a pair of pants last week a size larger than usual, I thought it was because I was eating junk food a bit more often. I'm going into a women's health clinic tomorrow to get tested, I haven't told my mum or partner about it as I'm afraid about what will happen, I don't want to stress out my partner and I'm not ready for a child. My period is due on the 1st of August and my last was on the 11th of July so I can't tell with my period or not.

What symptoms has people had to confirm their pregnancy?