#Vent!😠#Our relationship broke up All because of a teething necklace!

im 21 years old and my son is 4 months old and I'm in love with this amber teething necklace not because of superstition or anything I don't know if it helps with teething but I think it looks cute on him! (on MY son) So I go and visit my 37 year old sister we talk for abit around my mother in law who came along with myself and my husband she immediately spots the necklace and goes I hate that shit! anyway I keep quiet because iv heard it before that's why her adopted son dosnt wear one,she picks my son up kisses him makes him laugh and goes "shit necklace,you have a shit necklace"

I don't say anything hey im keeping the peace still! then my dad an hour later arrives and ask what's this on his neck(out of curiosity only his really old school) before I could explain she goes exactly he looks gay! what a gay! who wears this what people do you know who does this and I'm like uhm our cousin Sam her twins wears it, as well

it's basically the in thing

and sister goes WELL YOU NOT HER, and then the argument begins I'm like what's your problem it's my son! etc etc and she goes "you keep you to grown up!" look at your husband his laughing at you! when he was just trying to smile and it off and keep the peace before he snaps!

starts cussing infront of my mother in law and husband and starts schooling me and leaves like it's all my fault! where we come from I'm younger than her and keep my damn mouth shut everyone says I should of kept quiet and kept the peace

but it's not the first time she made remarks about how to raise my son! everything my son does her son does better according to her! not even birth compares I was traumatizied during my birth my son and I almost never made it she was not there because her sugar levels were low and had to stay for a few days GUESS WHO STOLE THE LIME LIGHT?

and she goes "well can't be that bad how come people just have 5 kids eeew like it's no big deal"BUT "what I went through all those

needles nobody knows what it really feels like" and I always just nod and smile it off ☺️ lil info : (I moved out with my husband into an apartment making it on our own)

lil info about her: She is my half sister,My mom supported her and her husband all her life without my dad and I knowing we found out after my mom passed! she also adopted her son from a drug addict(not legal) her husband had to accept it and had no say! the drug addict was about to leave her baby at the hospital(she lives around the corner from my sis house)still comes to my sister when her husband isn't home,she pushed her husband so far away with words he turned to drugs,she's unemployed and her son is raised to be disrespectful bites fights and doesn't have a relationship with any of us she refuses to send him to daycare and complains about money always asking telling me I should look after my son and hers so that she can go and work,My family dosnt speak to her because of the person she is,when my dad buys me food things(we became close since mom passed) she asks what about me!?? why dosnt he give me money and when confronted she cusses and gets defensive so I let her have it! I let her say what she thinks is right and still try to have a relationship with her because I love her and now I don't know anymore😣

I decided to stay anonymous because I always post about my son and beautiful life,because I feel blessed and this situation is embarrassing.