Incompetent Cervix, Anyone Else?

Sheldan • 🌈BA in psych, currently working on my Psy.D. Married. one Early MC...🤰🏽🌈 #1 11/26/18. #prochoice #prolove #profreedom

I got diagnosed at my 21 week anatomy scan. 1.9 cm with pressure and funneling. on progesterone suppositories nightly and on Wednesday I find out if I need cerclage. just wondering if anyone else is also dealing with this

Update: the progesterone didn’t work. I had shortened to 1 cm by my check up appt. I ended up getting the cerclage two days later and post cerclage my cervix was 3.36 cm with pressure! Doc thinks I’ll make it full term, also getting markena shots to be safe. As well as the steroid shot at 24 weeks