My FB (fuck buddy) and I have been seeing each other for almost two years. Recently, we sexted for the first time and after we both finished he told me he wanted to have sex asap and said he'd be back in town the following night. I told him that we could meet up another time since he would probably want to rest after he got back. But he insisted he would be okay.

The following night comes and I don't hear from him. I assume he got home and went to sleep but don't think too much of it. I wake up to a text the next morning that he sent at 3am, asking if I was awake. I ask him what happened. It turns out he left later than he expected (and since he was with his mother, he really wasn't in complete control of when he left anyway lol) and that he drove the 8 hrs back by himself.

I asked why he didn't text me that he wouldn't be back in time and he said he forgot. About the appointment he set up, mind you, and insisted I come to.

But I shrug it off because we plan to meet up later that day. When we do, I'm only able to give him head. Since we both still want sex, he suggests that we meet up again later that night. When that time rolls around I let him know I'm at our usual spot. He doesn't respond, and again, I don't think too much of it, because I know he has family over and it can be hard to get away. After waiting two hours, I go home.

The next morning, I ask him again what happened. This time he tells me he fell asleep because he hadn't gotten any sleep since getting back home. I ask him he didn't tell me that beforehand, or when we met up earlier? He said he thought he could get some sleep before we met up again.

My issue with this is: he knew how tired he was, but I didn't. And for him to say we should meet up later that night made me believe everything was fine.

I told him how I felt hurt (that he forgot about me), used (for sending him pictures of myself (especially since we'd already had a conversation about how much trust it would take me to do that)), and stupid (for waiting up for him two nights in a row only to be stood up, whether intentionally or not). I told him we wouldn't be having sex again.

It's been over a week and he hasn't responded or even apologized. But now I'm starting to think I overreacted. Did I?

TLDR: The guy I've been having sex with for two years stood me up two nights in a row without text or apology. Did I overreact in telling him I didn't want to have sex with him again?

SN: Quite a few of your comments are saying he's not my boyfriend. I'm aware. I never treated him like a boyfriend and the most I expected from him was sex and the common courtesy it takes to cancel plans if he can't keep them. What about this post makes you think that I think he's my boyfriend?