Dear Tay parents

You mfers starting to piss me off. I’m tired of this fake ass shit. Why do I have to be okay with this bm coming to family events and it’s not pertaining to her child. I am the wife I am not supposed to be okay with that I understand she is going to be around but this is getting disrespectful. The other day they invited this hoe to come over to their house and go swimming and cookout. They didn’t invite me or his son and they can’t say it’s about the kids because we had the baby too. I’ve told them how I feel about this but they just clearly don’t care. I feel like I shouldn’t have to be involved in other then like I do not want to be around that and he doesn’t understand he says I’m trying to separate his family but then I have to put my feelings to the side because of something he wants but this is so unfair to me am I right for feeling this way?!