sad story about my fur baby


i need to write this or ill never feel better. well, a week ago i had my loving fur baby in my arms cuddling. how i woke up every morning. hunny would get up for work and Archie would replace his spot in bed so i was never alone. yes he took up most of the queen sized bed but it was so worth it. he was a challenging puppy, potty training was hard. and then he got very anxious and had really bad anxiety. he would freak when i left and wouldnt stop barking until i was next to him again.

now this is the really hard part. i had an extremely busy day with doctors appointments and ultrasound appointments. we didnt spend time together much that day. that was the last day i saw him alive.. i went for my ultrasound appointment and never got to go home because my twin boys were arriving.

we had my first born and archie being watched by my MIL. the next day Archie got off his leash. either it wasn't latched or something and he got away. he was missing for two days. the day i got to come home, was i guess when it was time for someone to find him. i was only home two minutes when my husband got the call from the police. right around the corner from my house he was found on the side of the road. he came home looking for us.

he was only 6 months old. i think thats why its so hard for me to accept this because i only had him for a short time but he was literally the best dog, he watcbed over all my kids, loved my belly and protected me. i miss him so much. i wish he at least got to meet the twins.

i miss my dog so much, especially when i look over to expect to see him on the couch and hes not there. im mad, hurt, upset but it was an accident. hes watching over us. i feel thats why my twins get better and better everyday. hes helping them push through so they can come home.

sorry for the sad post, but im hoping itll help me heal