Pregnant? I just need some wise people 😂


Okay so a few months ago my ex and I broke up. I’ve had my period since then and it’s been normal. But July 5-9 I was having sex with a new guy that i thought I liked but was just a rebound. During the 5-9 I would sometimes forget to take my birth control but I would either double up or take the pill in the morning. Also this guy had some type of erectile dysfunction so he never got to cum but I still know there could be a chance of being pregnant. (I’ll add a picture of my menstrual cycle to help) So my birthday was on the 19th and my ex decided to come back into my life and say how sorry we was so I forgave him or course because he’s the love of my life and the sweetest guy ever. So I hung out with my ex the 22nd and the 23rd of July and we had unprotected sex both times we were together but on the 22nd we were interrupted and he never got to cum and the 23rd he came but pulled out (mind I’ve been taking my birth control steadily now and have been on track) but now I get my period in a few days and I’m honestly slightly worried I could be pregnant from my hookup the 5-9. I know the chance is very little, but I just am very happy with my boyfriend now and I believe that pregnancy tests can pick up pregnancies 2 weeks after conception (correct me if im wrong) I just need a little reassurance that im not pregnant from my hookup July 5-9 am I just being stupid is there any chance I could be pregnant or should I still take a test?