Ectopic Pregnancy Loss - long post


My fiancé and I have been TTC for about 6 months and finally the time came where I took the test that said positive. I was over the moon excited and so was my hubby. I started looking at baby names, reading up on the daily <a href="">Nurture</a> articles. Everything evolved around it. At about 8 weeks, I had a bit of brown discharge but I never thought anything of it since I worked on a dairy farm and it can be physical and shrugged off the discharge as normal. Last week I woke up on Wednesday morning and the liner was spilled full of liquid brown and some blood. I immediately went to the emergency room even though I was due for my first OB/Gyno appointment the next day.

The emergency department did a abdominal u/s and they could see something but a transvaginal u/s would be more accurate. I knew it was not good news when the technician never offered to show the images. The resident who was part of my case explained to me it was an ectopic pregnancy and there was internal bleeding in my abdomen. There were two options the medication route or the laparoscopy route. Both options had their dangers but we opted the surgery. I am glad we did.. The surgeon had to remove the entire right fallopian tube due to the damage the pregnancy had caused. While they were in there they examined everything else. Come to find out the left tube is severely damaged and full of adhesions where my uterus and tube were stuck together.

Although we cannot try again until further testing once a regular period resumes (if it does). We try to remain positive through this. The gynaecologist has recommended a HSG dye test and a lot of the times it unsticks adhesions and flushes the tubes but we must wait for hormone levels to drop etc.

This has been so hard and heart breaking and tough to stay positive through such a rough time since we do not have the answers about being able to conceive again.

Has anyone had similar problems and had a successful pregnancy post ectopic/adhesions/scar tissue?