Ladies if you could spare me a few seconds and say a prayer

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A prayer for me and our baby, we have fetal echocardiogram appt today to check the baby’s heart since he’s been measuring small ever since our anatomy scan i would really appreciate it 🤗 i hope everything looks good 🤞🏼 TIA and have a great day 😘


The scan went good you guys!!! Doctor said my son’s heart is healthy and there’s no need for me to come back 🙌🏼 praise God 🙏🏼 and i thank you all for all the prayers i really appreciate them 😘🤗 and bonus i also recieved my result for my glucose test and it came back normal 👏🏼 Thank you Jesus! I’ve been stressing about these test and i can now breath a lil better lol... but doctor ordered a toxoplasma blood test to rule that one out too cuz my baby was measuring a lil bit small and praying it will come back normal as well so please once again i still need you guys to send me prayers for the baby and I 🙏🏼 thank you guys 😘🤗

Another UPDATE:

Just got done with my prenatal check up and i got my result for my Toxoplasma bloodtest and it came back NEGATIVE! Praise God 🙌🏼 fundal measurement is measuring right on track and no main concern right now 🙌🏼 thank you Jesus 😘 thank you ladies for all the prayers you’ve sent my way i really appreciate it 🤗