I’ve waited minutes, hours, days, weeks & months for him, I’ve change the image towards towards myself & my self-thinking to a more positive one for him, Being with him made me discover my worth without him to tell me, I’ve worked harder for him, discovered new things I like because of him, when it should’vebeen because of me but I appreciate it more than anything. I’ve supported him, cheered for him, helped him when he was brought down, boost him back up, forgave him countless of times which made me learn about forgiveness, but I don’t put up with shit I don’t like and I do speak out. I’ve motivated him or at least tried to, I’ve always loved him, please him & been true to him, being with him has been an adventurous journey but heading back to knowing my worth & changing my image about myself due all of this.. if I’m already doing all of that fo him.. who the hell.. can top ME?