How I told my husband! LAUNDRY!


Was on our way home from a vacation and I snapped at my husband over something stupid. I realized “wow that was really bitchy for no reason... last time that happened I was pregnant!”. I was 11DPO so I knew there was a chance. So as soon as we got home I went to the bathroom and took a cheapie test and could see a faint line. Waited until we put our daughter to bed and took a couple good tests and they were positive! I get down to the living room and my husband had just brought up a basket of laundry to fold and I put the tests on top of the laundry (with a couple paper towels under). He comes back in and says “what’s this? I see a faint line.... and th-this one says y-yes with a p-plus sign!” And his jaw just dropped! Hahaha! It was awesome!

Excited to give our little girl a brother or sister, but nervous too. My first pregnancy wasn’t easy- morning sickness and back pain, 30 hr labor, a c section. But hopefully this pregnancy is easier!!

By the way I used the “Trifecta” and ate pineapple after ovulation! Only my second month TTC and first month trying this method! First baby took 8 months. And I’m even older now- I’m 34 and husband is 40. Plus I have endometriosis and a “bum ovary” from a huge cyst that had to be removed.