getting no support while and after pregnancy

before i married my SO, his fam always tell him to be patient w me when im pregnant. they say i will be at my worst, very moody, and have many emotions. they say this to him cause hes not a patient person and hes short temper. yeah, i stupidity married him. anyways, 3yrs later, i was pregnant w our 1st, i felt like he was the one whos pregnant. hes always moody around me, he will not help me w anything, knowing i have complications w my pregnancy, and at risk of premature. he just lets me bring all of the grocery bags inside the house, we both always go together btw. and he never helps take out trash, or drag out the trash/recycle bin, if he does, he will need my help. but he rarely does, only once. he makes me mow the lawn, shovel one acre driveway. he always call me names and is always rude to me. like one time i was preparing to wipe my baby nephews poop, getting stuff ready, SO was in the bathroom, and my nephew went inside the bathroom. he yelled and called me a dead bitch for letting him in. lil stuff like this always happen. he never wants to buy the food that im craving for, he said he will go buy it, but ends up buying what he craves instead. i got sick a lot during my 1st trimester, id vomit everytime i have an empty stomach, i get chills, hed tell me everytime that im weak thats why im having these symptoms. fast forward to when i gave birth, he was embarassed to be w me, because it was painful and all i did was moan. he never came over to me to hold my hands when i wanted him to. he just stood far away and gave me a death stare. he was also checking out the young nurses over there. he looks at their butt w lust when they walk out the door. after i went home, he never helps me around the house, nor does he ever help me w the baby. all he does sleep, he only wrks 3 days. hed get mad that i never get anything done, always questioning me why parenting is so hard for me. my baby wakes up every hr, crying. hed get mad that i never cook him anything, and compare me to other women that they can dp it but i cant. i had enough and told him he never helps me, but those women they have their husband helping them. unlike me. he got mad and wanted a divorce. telling me im a bad wife and a bad mother. he says he never got to eat a good meal because i never cook for him. and get mad at me because our baby always cry. he acts like parenting is so easy. hes the one that needs rest because he has to go work while i just sit my ass. 6mths now, he completely changed and went back to the man i used to know, and hes talking about wanting another baby! w the way he treated me before and after pregnancy, FUCK NO!!