I know I should leave

I feel like I am being one of those stupid women!! My husband is addicted to porn but for the past couple of years he’s taken it to the next level. Escorts. He cheated on me with one of them and immediately told me the next day cause he felt bad. However fast forward 8 years and he continues to talk to them but hasn’t done anything “yet”. He says he does this because he’s never been with anyone else, been to a strip club and he’s almost 30 and missing out. He is constantly going behind my back and I zero trust in him. And I know I shouldn’t live this way. However we have three beautiful kids together and I don’t want their home to be broken or have step parents. We had a plan to buy a beautiful forever home and live like the big happy family. But I know he won’t stop and he’s done the repeated “I’ll get help” but never happens. Am I doing the right thing? I’m also so scared I won’t find anyone that’ll want my cause I have three kids.