When you least expect it!


It’s 6 in the morning and I let my current babies ( furbabies 🐶) outside to use the bathroom... & now is the 3rd day of my missed period... in my boyfriends underwear drawer we have all different types of pregnancy tests due to us TTC for a little over a year now.. buuuut for the past couple of months we took a lil break so I still wasn’t sure why I haven’t got my period yet... I decide to try a Dollar store brand first... but of course the test wasn’t working properly, so I redid that test & IT CAME OUT POSITIVE.. I STARTED SHAKING... RIPPING ALL THE TESTS OUT OF THE BOXES AND TOOK THEM ALL! I was thinking... (maybe it’s a false positive*)

All the test start to read the same darn thinggggg! IM PREGNANT WITH MY BEAUTIFUL POPPY SEED MIRACLE BABY! 😍🧡😭👶🏻