Stressed 😢


I need to vent... today was a stressful day. My son is 8 months going on 9 on the 7th of August. And he’s just been such a brat lately. He HATES baths and he used to love them, he hates getting dressed, he hates getting his diaper changed. He wants to be all over the place getting into things and when I tell him no he cries like if someone was hurting him. He wakes up 2-3 times in the night crying his lungs out. He hates car rides. Idk whats wrong 😢 is this a little phase he’s going through or is this permanent. I thought the first few months were going to be the hardest but this month has definitely been the hardest for me. Don’t get me wrong I LOVEEEE my son but it stresses me out and I just wanna lock myself in the bathroom and cry 😭😢 Someone help any tips on how I can break these habits?