Did I do the right thing to break up


Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 5 months, there been a few red flags but like everyone who is in love they ignore them. I hardly see him he is always working only on Saturdays I see him. He never wants to go out with my friends or family he gone out with my friends only twice. Next week is my mom bday and i asked him if he wanted to come to dinner and meet the family he said will see. I’m 2 weeks it’s my birthday and I told him it mean so much to me if you come to dinner and he said no because he has work the next day And he doesn’t go out during the week and yea I’m hurt by that I asked him do you want to go with me to my cousin bday he said no. He never holds my hand out in public never calls me beautiful he does call me everyday and text me tells me he loves me calls me honey and talk about his

Work and family but that’s it. It feels like we

Are a old married couple and there is no romance I love him but I told him I can’t anymore did I do the right thing!