Plan B

So let me start with I’m not on any brith control and me and my husband just had a baby 7months ago. So we decide that we just didn’t want to do birth control again for personal reason. Any who we been having sex with condoms since we want to wait to try for another baby when our daughter is one. So our condom broke and we got pregnant when my daughter was 5mths. I end up losing the baby. Fast forward to the other day we had sex unprotected (drunk) sex.I’m sacred that I might be come pregnant and want to take plan B. Super scared that I can become pregnant but I wanna try plan B cuz we aren’t ready for baby #2.My husband says it up to me it’s my body and he supports what ever I do. I know at the end of the day it’s my choice but I would like to know some feed back before I make I final decision. Time is limited