Still considered rape?

Ok this happened almost a year ago and it’s already been reported but the cops didn’t really do anything about it so I just wanna get someone’s opinion on if this really was rape. So last year I was with this boy and when we went back to school his friend was flirting with me a lot and he even did this before school started in the summer. He was sending me nudes and telling me to dump my boyfriend, even thought that was his best friend. So when school started he was in my 7th period class and since we sat in alphabetical order he sat in front of me. And he was staring at me and flirting. And I’m not gonna lie... I felt special because my boyfriend didn’t give me that kind of attention. But it still felt weird. And then this friend told me my boy friend was cheating on me and had got condoms from his house without me knowing and I was still a virgin at this time but I asked my boy friend to get one because I planned on losing my virginity to him but never did so we just threw the condom away. But his friend told me he had gotten 5 condoms. And he showed me proof too. So I confronted my boyfriend and he got so mad and we actually broke up. So I texted his friend and said he was right and that we broke up. And I asked him for a blunt. And he said he would give me one and to meet me in my neighborhood in a couple of minutes. And I’m not gonna lie I used to smoke weed a lot for “stress relief” and he was a dealer so I just thought I’d ask him because it was convenient since I knew him. But in the messages he started asking to have sex and I told him no in the messages that I just wanted a blunt. But my dumbass still met up with him but he was acting different but I really wanted that blunt so I didn’t care at the time. I was heartbroken and crying and just needed something to take my mind off of it. But then he asked if I wanted to walk with him so he could “roll the blunt” and I just said ok but not far. So we were walking to a park and then he just stopped and said let’s smoke here so we stopped. And then he just asked if I wanted to have sex again and I said no because I was still in love with my then boyfriend and that he was his best friend so it would be wrong and his words were “freshman’s are the best”. And I had already took a couple of hits at that point and felt like I was in a dream and dizzy. And all I remember after that is somehow him putting my pants to my ankles and a really sharp pain and I told him to stop and he didn’t until the 3rd time I said it loudly. And he got mad and asked if I could “give him head” and I said no and he just got on his bike and said don’t tell anyone and then all I remember is walking home crying in the rain and going home to see blood in my underwear and bruises on my legs and I remember telling one of my friends and telling my then boyfriend but I didn’t tell him that it was his friend because I was scared he would think I was a hoe. But is this considered rape? I feel like it is. And the memories still hurt very much and it made me very depressed and suicidal and I still kinda am. But if it was why didn’t the cops do anything about it?