Is it possible to make yourself feel pregnant even if you're not?

I'm going to sound a bit crazy, so just be ready for that.

I have had this ongoing pregnancy scare for awhile. It's ridiculous, it's stupid, and for the past three years that I've been sexually active - this has never happened before.

I feel like I'm so scared that I'm creating symptoms for myself. It started with my nipples being "sensitive" (I figured because I messed with them so much, as soon as I stopped checking them they stopped).

Then it was the veins in my boobs/hips (I was told they've always been there but idk because my boobs are not that big just a C cup).

Then it was fatigue. (I've been fatigued my whole life lmao I suffer from terrible anxiety that leaves me exhausted)

NOW, 13 weeks later, I feel like I can feel KICKING in my tummy and I feel like my tummy is more round and bloated. (Which if I'm not anxious I can attribute to my extremely bad IBS and anxiety).

I got a quantitative HCG serum test which came back less than 1 (obviously, after the 10 urine tests I took).

Is it possible for women to manifest these symptoms after obsessing over it so much?