The most mind blowing sex ever..πŸ’ž

So I walk into the room while my bf is watching TV and I unzip my dress to reveal a lace lingerie set, and he’s all like ...

So I walk over to him and I get on his lap and I start grinding on him and making out. He starts kissing my neck and chest, gently licking and sucking. I whisper in his ear β€œLet go, and do whatever you want to me.” So he proceeds to grab my neck (I like a little choking 😏) and then slides his hand in my underwear and starts fingering me and rubbing my clit at the same time while I’m still on top of him. He starts dirty talking and then rips off the bra I had on and starts sucking on my nipples and breasts. I eventually come...but he was not done yet 😏

We get into the bedroom where I rip his pants off and he starts choking me with his dick 😩😍 After I suck him off, he starts going down on me and tongue fucking me πŸ‘… Then, he props my ankles onto his shoulders, slides right in and ohmygooood πŸ˜©πŸ† He starts going so deep and hard, every stroke getting more and more intense. I pant his name in a fit of passion which makes him go even harder. I’m clutching the bedsheets as he’s clutching my waist and we come at the same time, screaming in pleasure and ecstasy 😧😍 He collapses next to me, kissing me gently and stroking my back ☺️ minute later I start crying from how good it was πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­ Holy. Fuck. 😍