anyone already designing nursery? Or past nurseries you had?

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Dude. I’m so pumped. Ivebeen designing this nursery concept for a good 3 years and now that we’re pregnant I may actually be able to set it up and I’m PUMPED.

It’s magical forest/Harry Potter themed, we’re sharing a room with the baby and our room currently doesn’t have a theme, I just have a pretty floral bedspread and striped sheets. I’m excited for all the DIYs. Bowtruckles, nifflers (my favorite) a toadstool side table from a bar stool, snitchmobile, and house posters?

What nurseries are y’all wanting to do?


I made the beginnings of a bowtruckle! The non-bendy bits will be smoothed with hot glue before it’s all wrapped in embroidery thread.

EDIT: my finished first bowtruckle