Help! Stabbing pain


I am currently 25 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I woke up this morning with an intense stabbing pain on my right side near my ribs. The baby is t high nor does she kick me there so I don’t think it is her. Whenever I inhale is when the pain hurts most. I checked my blood pressure and it is normal. I believe the pain is too high to be appendicitis. I called my doctors office but unfortunately it is Sunday and there is no after hours line. I called L&D; and as I suspected, they do not give advice over the phone. I am looking for woman who have experienced this before, or have an idea as to what could be causing this pain.

I have a two year old and my husband is at work. The closest hospital is a hour away and I’d have to drop my daughter off with a family member in order to go to L&D.; I just don’t want to drive all of that way and drop her off if it nothing. Thank you in advance for your advice.

*previously posted but don’t know what happen to the original post.