After D&C

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Is it possible to get your period a few days after a D&C;?

Background: I was 12 weeks along when I had my miscarriage. I went to the ER on June 27, where I was told my baby didn’t have a heart beat.

I decided to take the miso. I took it on June 30, where I know I passed my baby.

July 5– I took another round of miso, because my dr said there was still conception.

July 19– still had conception, so my dr scheduled a D&C.;

July 25– D&C; performed, successfully (my dr told my husband)..

I was only spotting for a few days after my d&c;) but yesterday and today my cramps are killer and I feel like I’m bleeding more.:

I don’t go back to see my dr til Friday, Aug 3.