Could anyone shed some light...🤷‍♀️

Beth • 21💁🏻‍♀️| Baby Number 1👶🏻| Born. August 28th 💙

I’ll be 37 weeks on Tuesday. Both yesterday and today I’ve been experiencing some pain in my pelvic/lower abdomen area. It feels spasm/cramp like and is very painful, however it doesn’t last very long at all but it is quite frequent. Also, yesterday I was suffering from some incredibly painful spasms in my hips which left me unable to move until it passed. This happened a couple of times throughout the day and now today my hips have been very tender and sore, especially if I sit down for too long or move too much. I’ve been having more discharge on and off throughout the days, too and my nipples have been leaking a great deal more than usual. I had to change my bra and put a padding in to soak it up (sorry if that’s a little too graphic).

I had a midwife appointment yesterday - baby’s head was a lot further down that two weeks ago, his heartbeat was great, bump is measuring exact and my blood pressure and urine were good.

Should I be concerned about the cramping or hip pain or is this just baby moving further down and readying? His movements are still consistent and noticeable so I’m not too worried...

any help or advice would be appreciated, especially if anyone has an idea of what could be the cause.

Kind of hope baby comes soon as I’m incredibly uncomfortable! ☹️😣