Relationship help

I don’t know what to do . So I dated this boy name Caleb in 2013 for about 3 years . Broke it off with him then got together with my daughters father e and he is horrible , treated me like crap we dated for about 2 years then I left him for many reasons he’s out of the picture now . Caleb and me started talking since summer of 2017 again ... we have been on and of every since .. he keeps braking up with me then coming back he’s the love of my life , took eachothers virginity and all . He dosnt harm me or anything .. we both lost our moms about 1 year ago ish kinda the same . He is now adopted , so he is going threw a lot of shit . While we where broken up last weekend I meant a boy named Alex and he is so sweet and likes my daughter , he has a job but I’m not all interested , I like him but I don’t like some things he does and something has happend . Do I stay with caleb because of how meaningful he is to me or do I break it off because of being dumped by him so many times ? Helpppp 😶

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