Am I wrong?


okay so I work for a podiatrist (medical assistant) out of all the patients we see 75% are elderly and go in for either nail trimming or ulcerations. most of these patients have either a caregiver or family members with them. the chairs we have are a little difficult to get into, almost like a dental chair. I always help patients sit in the chair and ask if they need help taking their shoes and socks off. most of the time patients say no and sometimes they are rude and just demand I do it without saying please or thank you (but that's another rant story😒)okay so anyways, the other day an older couple came in with 3 daughters and 2 teenage grandchildren. when I called them back the man sat on the chair I asked if he needed help he said no and started to take his shoes off, I was moving a tray (so everyone could fit in the room, you know cuz it takes 5 family members to make sure their nails get trimmed correctly 😩) he didnt look like he was struggling or he wasn't grunting or anything. so his daughter is like "here dad let me help you. " so as one daughter is taking his shoes off another daughter (6th family member in our small exam room) walks in and starts yelling at her for helping him as i walk out and she walks out after me and taps me on the shoulder pretty hard and is like "are you the assistant?" I say "yes how can I help you? " she goes, "isn't your job to assist patients? my dad needed help and my sister had to help him! why aren't you doing your job? you are an ASSISTANT your job is to ASSIST! " she's yelling at me in our waiting room and I just answer her, " I dont have a problem helping patients when they are alone and unable too, if they are with a caregiver or family members they do it but I always ask, I asked your dad if he needed help and he said no thats when your sister took off his other shoe. " so she tells the doctor she needs better employees because I'm lazy and wasn't doing my job. My boss (the doctor) told her well... no one helps my mom when she goes in for a pap🤷‍♀️😂 (she too thought this lady was out of line)

sometimes patients come in and family members or caregivers and they just sit on their phones and leave them in the chair until I go in and put their shoes back on. and again I dont mind doing it when they are alone. I'll be busy and they peek their heads out and ask if I can come put their shoes on??

so my controversy question is, is it my responsibility or the caregivers/family members who come in with patients to take off and put back on patients shoes?