Just an appreciation post 💙

MountainMist • Mountain life! Momma to a hound, cats, and human as of February 😄

My boyfriend has been SO supportive throughout this pregnancy. It’s our first baby and he has stepped up to the plate so dramatically it’s just amazing. He dotes on me hand and foot, puts up with me climbing over him multiple times in the middle of the night to pee (and always accidentally waking him up), taking care of the dog and cat when I don’t have the energy or patience, providing me with all my weird cravings at any time of day, being as patient as humanly possible with my pinballing emotions, and giving me endless reassurance and love and support. I am so incredibly thankful to have him in my life and have him be the father of our child.

Our kitten had seizures in reaction to a certain vaccine, and I didn’t remember what he’d said before. He instantly agreed with me that it was ok to have him skip the booster and not having to have a drawn out discussion on it was really nice.

This man is going to make an amazing father and I can’t wait to share even more of this experience with him as the pregnancy progresses and our baby arrives! I love you, Daniel 😘