Planned Parenthood employee blabbed private information, what are my legal options?

7/29: I went in to confirm my pregnancy so I could get Medicaid on July 11 so I could then make our first appointments to see baby! A girl working there recognized my boyfriend’s name and CALLED MY ONE DAY MIL to tell her I was pregnant. At that point, my boyfriend didn’t even know because I was going to surprise him days later when our daughter’s shirt arrived!

We just told them that we are expecting today, but she’s known for weeks now! I’m disgusted that they blabbed my personal information without my consent. What legal actions can I take? This is not the first time she has done this. My MIL has heard some pretty horrific things from this same woman on many different occasions.

UPDATE 7/30: Thank you ladies for your suggestions. I filed a complaint to OCR. Waiting to hear back.