Due date keeps changing??


- I’m currently 32 weeks pregnant. Due date of September 22.. That is going by my LMP. At our ultrasound, baby was measuring 4 days behind, the tech said that 4 days is nothing, and my dr may not change the due date.. (baby girls, he said, tend to measure smaller and that boyfriend and I are both small people..) but then he said the new date is the 25th of sept. Ok.

Two weeks later at my next dr’s appt, she changes the date to the 24th. What?!

Now... two weeks ago I met my delivery Dr. And who I will be seeing from here on out.. she changed it to September 29th. WHAT?!

Is there something I don’t understand?! How do they get me a week later..? This new dr DID mention something about how they only allow you to go 10 days overdue, so blah blah (I don’t remember that part) , those extra few days my body could go into labor itself instead of hem having to induce. So is she just giving me a few extra days just because or...? First time mama so I’m not really sure about all this lol.

Also, not sure if this matters, but when they measure the uterus, I’m measuring bang on for the current week I’m at. So I’m sure I still measure 32 weeks, but am told I’m now 31 weeks...?

Thanks in advance for any insight ! 💞