Slightly worried and trying to keep faith in god help ladies

Jamishia • 😘😘My two loves caleb jeremie -june23,2017- Carson azariah born-september13,2018-

I am 34 weeks pregnant and due to finances we cannot afford a shower or even a baby shower dinner so far my son has about 78 newborn diapers and a pack of ones a box of wipes he has clothes but no socks and I have no pads for myself at all . I am completely broke and no job and I’m literally counting my blessing and being thankful that my baby has atleast 80% of what he needs just can’t help but to worry sometimes cause my biggest fear is going into labor and not having any pads or not enough diapers . With my son I was very well prepared he had 9months worth of diapers and cause money is sooo tight I don’t know when lll get any money therefore I rather be prepared just Incase a situation like this happens . Not to mention my 1year old is still in diapers to😩