Sticky situation. Need advice.

So the first guy I ever fell in love with hurt me pretty badly. He left me for someone else but over time I forgave him and we became friends. This was about 4 years ago. Recently, we have gotten in touch. The second time we hung out he asked to kiss me but I was afraid of getting hurt so I said no. We still continued to hang out but I couldn’t hide my attraction towards him and his attraction towards me was obvious since he had asked to kiss me. We went to a mutual friend’s house for some drinks and ended up spending the night. We ended up cuddling and kissing and we even had sex and it was amazing. Then I texted him and confessed that I was confused and liked him but didn’t know how he felt because we barely text but when we hang out we can talk about anything. He said he has been in relationships all of his life and needs to focus on himself right now. He told me he likes me and isn’t talking to other girls but he needs to solidify himself as a person. I can’t stop thinking about him and the sex was amazing so that makes it worse. Is he clearly a fuckboy and I’m being delusional? Or should I give him time to figure himself out?