Should I be upset? Am I in the wrong?


So my boyfriend and I recently got a job at Popeyes. Things are going okay, it’s my first job since I tried to commit suicide, I have social anxiety but I am doing much better lately. I do well at work, I’ve got everything down pat, however when a lot of people come in I get shakey and one day is was working and I got overwhelmed I went on break and did not come back. I felt extremely guilty I Just felt like I couldn’t handle the pressure. My boss called me and I just explained a customer made me upset, I got my job back and was doing great. However, tonight I found out that my boyfriend previously told my co workers that I have social anxiety without my permission and without asking me first. I had no idea he told them, and he’s not even sorry. This really hurt my feelings and I feel like he told something that was truly personal, that I don’t let a lot of people know.