Formula fed baby - just after a bit of help!

Hi there, sorry if this is the wrong group! I’m a FTM and genuinely confused.

My baby is 5 weeks old and formula fed. He is a dream baby, completely happy and content. We had to change his formula once a few weeks ago. He seems to be doing well on the new one, as in he doesn’t have wind, no rashes, is at ease, but I was wondering about his poop (Sorry!!) He hasn’t had constipation, and seemingly goes regularly, but it is on the softer side. I wouldn’t say it’s watery, it does have some texture still, but it is a looser texture and bright yellow - not the standard pasty kind of texture. He grunts a lot when he pushes it out and occasionally I can hear it kind of explode out, but he is seemingly happy, no crying, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him to go. My question I guess is, is this normal or should his poop be firmer because he is formula fed? I asked my midwife and she said just to give it two weeks more on new formula and watch to see how it goes but it could be normal. I guess I’m just worried he is having some sort of reaction to the formula. And my biggest fear is obviously dehydration, if it is too soft. He is feeding very well.

Any advice??