announcement photo fixed and ready to be posted soon!


So today my sister and I got up early before the mega heat to get some announcement pictures using my furbaby. Well preggo brain was at it's finest today and apparently I did not know how to spell the word guard 🤦🤦I spelt it gaurd... sad thing was my sister never noticed either and we did pictures with it like that for 2 hours!!!

So I had made a post showing it earlier, I have now deleted, and a lovely person had told me of my error, which I mega appreciate cause I feel really silly if I posted it for everyone. Thank goodness my friends partner is a genius at photoshop and fixed it within minutes!!! Little bit of editing later and I finally am happy with it now !!

I didn't get to do announcement photos in my last pregnancy, and she ended up becoming an angel the day she was born, so this one I making all the stops and memories for my rainbow.

Andy Corgiano will be a big brother soon enough! 💜💜💜