I’m feeling really lost in life and pressured

I graduated last month from High school and everybody keeps asking me when i’m going to college and asking what i want to study and i tell them some bullshit so they can shut up and not judge me but honestly i don’t want to try college i know its not going to be for me i have too much anxiety ADD and i don’t even like anything the only thing i like is Youtube and i’ve always wanted to pursue it because its my dream even if it sounds stupid. Also my boyfriend seems to pressure me into going to college because he doesn’t want me to be like everybody else working a minimum wage job and he wants me to shoot up for the stars and be the best i can be but he doesn’t understand why i don’t want to go and why i feel like its not for me i barely graduated high school i honestly don’t know how i passed. Please help is being a youtuber a crazy idea? I’m working to get a car and after that i’m thinking of starting my youtube channel and buy equipments and make it my hobby and see where that goes