Both subs???

My boyfriend and I have been together for almost two years, (the best two years of my life!) anyways, we took the bdsm test for a second time and we’re pretty much exactly the same in kinks.. We knew this from the beginning but was curious to see if anything changed. My boyfriend is really into being dominated, while I’m very into ddlg. How can we incorporate both?

My results:

My boyfriend’s results:

I personally have always dreamed about a relationship where I can call him daddy and have the ddlg dynamic incorporated into everyday life, even outside sex. It’s so comforting to me and takes away my anxiety. I feel incredibly guilty trying to do so, even though he tells me he wants me to call him daddy. I feel terrible that I can’t be dominate and pleasure him like he deserves. I will dominate him sometimes but I’m never confident, and he gets upset seeing that I can’t take control :( any advice would be really appreciated 💕 how can we do both and keep both of us satisfied?