Am I in the wrong?

I study abroad and I come home only for 3 weeks a year. I have a friend from primary school that I still keep in touch with. We don’t talk too often, maybe once a month but we’re quite close. Since the beginning of spring he kept saying that he can’t wait to see me and that he missess me and all that. I came home on the 15th of July and texted him on the 20th asking when we’re gonna hang out because I was at my grandparents that week so I couldn’t go to the city I’m from to meet him. He told me that we can meet up the following week, in the afternoon or evening because he’s working but we’ll talk about it. Okay, he’s working, I get it. A week went by and I still didn’t hear from him so I texted him again on Friday. He said that he’s working and asked how long I’m gonna be in the city for then left me on seen. I’m leaving on Friday and on Wednesday I’m going to go back to my grandparents’. He just texted me saying that I didn’t see him and all that. And I’m like I texted you twice and you said we’ll talk about it then never reached out to me again so how is it my fault?! He wants to meet up tomorrow but I’m honestly over it. Tomorrow is the only day I’m actually free, I’ve been running around the city between meet ups with friends and appointments all week, yet I was making sure that I had some time every day to meet him just in case he would text me saying he’s free. Well at this point I just don’t wanna anymore, don’t give me the “oh I miss you can’t wait to see you” bs then you never reach out to me after I asked you twice. I’m not gonna beg anyone for their attention 🤷🏻‍♀️ so I told him that I’m busy tomorrow and on Wednesday I need to go to the doctors in the morning before I leave to go to my grandparents’. Am I being over dramatic? I get that he was working, but come on you’re telling me you’re at work yet I see you active on facebook all day, sharing and tagging people in different memes 😒

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