Someone explain to me why tax-free 100% organic cotton feminine hygiene products are so good


The commercials I keep seeing advertise that

1) 100% organic cotton is better for your lady parts. Totally get that, but I've never heard of any cases of anything bad happening to women who use not organic, not cotton, basic feminine hygiene products. Maybe I'm just in the dark. If you've heard otherwise please comment.

2) many women in 3rd world countries don't go to school the days they are on their period because they don't have anything. Totally get that, these girls need feminine hygiene products! But going into the grocery stores, these fancy feminine hygiene products cost way more than the other brands. Shouldn't we supply them with more affordable ones? Whether the company is forking this out or tacking that extra cost onto the ones that we buy, I think it would be more efficient to get them more affordable ones so that they can have more.

3) feminine hygiene products need to be tax free. Why? That would literally only save us maybe a couple cents a pack. Obviously over a lifetime we would save more, but really? It's not that much. The commercial says because it's a feminine necessity. So are cars for people to get to work. So is food. So are clothes. Your opening up the pandora box to "oh but this is a necessity too." I just don't understand the push for making them tax free.

Just trying to spark conversation. I promise I don't mean this to offend anyone. It just seems like a silly commercial, like they're trying to guilt us into buying they're products. I guess that's real advertising though 🤷🏼‍♀️