Pregnant or cysts?


I was diagnosed at 15 and have had wonky periods for years. Im 20 now and i have lost 65 pounds and am a healthy weight after being 5'3 205 pounds. I got my period back after it disappearing for two years. Its been regular the last 6 months until recently im currently on cycle day 84 and 54 days late. Ive taken many hpts and ive gotten nothing. Ive been having light cramps on both sides that usually switch back and forth, bloating, tiredness, my appetite is increasing, my uterus feels swollen and im just much more aware of it the last couple days and (tmi) sex has been different. Its more pleasurable and my SO agrees it feels different. About a month ago I went through a dry patch where I couldnt lubricate myself no matter how turned on I was, and now i get so wet i have to change the sheets 😬 my pcos hasnt been horrible thank God but this is different. I dont have insurance rn and have to pick and choose when to go get checked out because of money😔 if anyone has had these symptoms or think they know whats going on with me id appreciate it.