What color is lube?

I’ve been having sex with my SO and we use condoms everytime. The condom broke once. Well I have a problem with condoms bc I didn’t use to use them. But every time I use them now I get dry and it gets embarrassing bc I don’t want him to think I’m not turned on. But he insists that he uses one. We started using lube and it’s wayyy easier. Lube is my best friend!! I told him I was embarrassed that I get dry. He doesn’t mind. When we got done today I had some stuff come out and some got on my leg so I wiped it and it looked like sperm. The color was like a whitish clear or something. Could he have gotten sperm in me? Or was it the color of the lube? I’m confused

No I cannot look at the lube to see what color bc it wasn’t a bottle it was like a sample pack he got from when he got checked. It’s thrown away now