Help please!!!


Help! Husband and I are trying for baby #2. I my fertile week was July 21-26. I was supposed to ovulate on the 26th and I was set to start my period on August 10th.

So my question. I took ovulation tests to make sure I was on track. Well, I got positive ovulation tests, and I mean SUPER positive, four days in a row. Which I didn’t think was possible. Well, because of all of those days of positive tests, Glow completely moved my fertile week forward four days, and pushed back my period four days.

When was I fertile?! Do I keep my original dates and just attribute those tests to fluke? Do I move my dates? I need to know when I’m going to start my period not only so I know when I can test but I am going to the beach on the 11th and would like to be prepared.

Please help!!!