How to have sex more often?

So, my husband and I don't have sex all that often. Maybe once every 2-3 months. Neither one of us is to blame, we just fall into the habit of doing our own thing once we get home from work. Him playing his video games in the living room, and me in our room either watching shows or reading. We both like to have our down time after work. And when we do have sex, we don't tend to realize how long it's been. It's been this way pretty much our whole relationship. He had the low sex drive at first, because his gf before me had some sexual trauma and he would just wait for her to make a move. Then I got on this birth control that made it hurt to have sex, so then I rarely ever wanted it either. We've talked about it many times, saying that we should do it more often, but it never seems to stick. And now its come to the point that when we do have sex... it becomes something awkward and a little boring because we feel like we had to schedule it or plan it earlier in the day, so it never "just happens". We have a great relationship and we are still very much in love, I just feel like we've gotten lazy in the sex department. I want to have it more often to improve our mood, as well as when we decide to try for kids, it doesn't feel like it becomes a job that needs to get done... Please help!