Was it bs?

So my ex broke up with me. The reason why he broke up with me was because I was annoying and too clingy.

Back track- he had a major crush on me for a whole year, and he finally asked me out and we dated for 3 months. Everything was perfect in our relationship. We were in love. So in love. His parents loved me, my parents loved him. We even got homecoming princess and prince.

But then this other girl, would always hang out with him. Always be around him. But he never really payed attention to her. Until a couple of days before we broke up, we were together and she was there too. He wouldn’t even look at me, only her.

A couple of weeks later, they were always together and they dated....

I think the reason why he broke up with me was for her, not because I was annoying.... what we had was special. He even said it... I’m just so confused, why would he choose her, not me?