He cheated

Kassidy • 18.

Ok so I gave my ex boyfriend 4 different chances for us to go out but he’s always yelling at me when there’s a problem he gets all pissed and doesn’t wanna talk about it and a day later without even thinking about it breaks up with me.

1- who does that?

2-he’s being stupid

He comes back to me and apologizes a lot saying I love you and shit...... he’s my first love so it’s very difficult to say no so I say yes and we forget about the past.... for a month anyway then it repeats itself

He gets mad over a stupid little thing that shouldn’t even matter and breaks up with me for it the next day.

He broke up with me recently and I’m officially done with his bullshit.

He asked me to keep his streaks while he’s with his cousins (as we’re still friends and I’m the only on the knows his password)

So my phone glitches cuz it’s shit and bring me into this conversation he had with a girl while we were dating. He was telling her that he loved her and that he wished he was single and shit.


Rn I’m pissed af because that is the definition of cheating in my books