Am I right or wrong? Please help.

My father figure died. He helped raise me ever since I was three years old. My mom and him stayed in a relationship for about six more years. He was told he could not have kids. However, my mom became pregnant by him five years later with my little half brother. Even after they broke up, my father figure helped raise me while my mom ran off and did drugs and hooked up with men who were abusive and child molesters. My father figure would buy me things. He would make sure I have everything I needed. He would give me fatherly and daughterly talks. We would always talk on the phone. I would always visit him. He acted like an actual dad. We were close. He even offered to pay the $800 deposit on this apartment I wanted because I couldn't afford it since I just started building my credit. He was cremated. My brother was given the final say over his ashes. I felt we should split them fifty fifty because he raised us both, but my brother thinks I should only get a quarter of them and he should get the rest because he's blood related. He says I shouldn't feel entitled to his dad at all. I thought my brother and I were close. Am I right to think it should be split fifty fifty? Am I wrong? Update: thanks everyone for the replies. He decided to half it though instead, and I am very relieved. I guess he realized how selfish he was being, especially when he saw the ashes as our dad was over 300 pounds, so there was more than enough.