Please Help!!! Will HCG show up if.....

Aspirant Momma

I've been peeing so much that I can't sleep more than 2hrs. Without waking up to pee I even tried drinking less water last night b4 bed and still got up every hour-2hrs. to pee! Would this cause the HCG not to show up on HPT???

AF is due on July 28th! So I finally broke and took HPT this morning but I got a BFN! :( I know it's still early enough which could cause it not to show but I got the clear blue digital HPT that shows weeks and everything and says it has a 90% accuracy 3 days b4 expected period! If you don't wanna read anymore than please atleast lemme know what facts or thoughts are on HPT accuracy if you've been peeing all night long????? If so, how do i stop peeing so much throughout the noght so the HCG will show up if I'm pregnant??? Any advice and/or insight would be greatly appreciated!???!!??!?

I'm literally having so many symptoms it's ridiculous! Like I don't ever get sore boobs b4 or during AF, or any other time for that matter so I know it's not cuz AF's due in a couple days! They've been sore for 4-5days now, started off jus my nipples, but past 2 days been my boobs too! (Only AF symptoms I've ever experienced are severe cramps b4 and during and moodiness!) Which I havenr had any sever cramping like i always get around my AF! Also, I have a heightened sense of smell last couple days which I didn't even know was a symptom of pregnancy till after experiencing it, so I googled it! I'm sleeping a ton, n fatigued if I don't have time to sleep more, for atleast the past week! I've been emotional the past few days!!! HELLO, I CRIED Watching Family Guy, seriously FAMILY GUY! N wen i watched TED!!!(Happened last night) Anyways...I know it can't be psychosomatic cuz I really didn't even think it would be possible for me to get pregnant this month cuz I just had a minor procedure(cryotherapy) on June 29th!(freezing abnormal cells off cervix) I wasn't allowed to BD till July 11th, which was Middle of my fertile window! I also didnt even know symptoms came on this early so I couldn't be creating them by thinking about em too much! So either I'm pregnant or something else is going on! Again ANY Advice and/or insight about this would be greatly appreciated!??!!?!? And especially answers to the Main question(1st question), Can waking up to pee ALL Night long(atleast every 2hrs) mess up interfere with HPT??? Can it cause the HCG not to show or have a harder time showing??? If so, Any advice how to help with it so I'll stop peeing so much throughout the night so the HCG will show if I'm pregnant would be greatly appreciated also????