Can children sense a pregnancy before you get a BFP?

Malory • Hi! My name is Malory, and I`m 24. I have a beautiful 3 year old named Dyxee RaeDawn, and TTC baby #2!
My daughter just turned 2 in February. In April, I had my right ovary removed, and in June my left had a grapefruit sized endo cyst.. My dr told me to TTC quickly because I probably won't keep my left long. And at 22 that's devastating news. Anyway, we've been TTC for 3 months now. I had a progesterone test done on Thursday and my levels were at 25, today my daughter started rubbing my belly saying "let me feel".. And for the last week she's been saying she wants to meet her brothers.. I've never had any other children or miscarriages.. And we don't mention anything about trying to have another child around her or anyone else, in case nothing happens we don't want anyone feeling sorry for us for not being able to conceive. Has this ever happened to anyone else?